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i'm pretty sure (almost 100%) that i at least qualify as a slut.

not sure about the nerd part though.

^that's me as 'cousin it'...notice the cool glasses; i wear them when i don't feel like poking myself in the eye with my contacts.

i'm more a dork than a nerd i guess, but i am smarter than some people out there. plus i'm a polyglot, i'm fluent in 4 languages (english being my 2nd language), working on another 2, took and passed both calculus and statistics in highschool, wrote for the school newspaper, and at 18 years old i'm a medical secretary (a job that requires a medical assisting degree) and am about to go to school to become an obgyn. woo! heh, ignoring all that i just get called a nerd a lot by my friends so i figure that might qualify me somewhat? you tell me.

btw if you're on wtd ( go check me out. if you're not, go make an account and then check me out. or don't, whatever.
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