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Traditional Boring Introduction Post

So a friend of mine turned me on to this community with the following psuedo-insulting conversation:
Her:Hey you play all kinds of dorky ass games right?
Me: Ummm yeah why?
Her: And youre a slut right.
Me: No sluts get action. I just sit around with firends.
Her: Youre a slut and you know it.
Me: Whats your point?
Her: Go on LJ and join thie community nerdsluts.
Me: Ummm no.

Yet somehow here I am. I couldnt pass it up. I read some of the posts and the people who posted them seem pretty freaking chill, so Im in.
My name is Alan, I live in Northridge, CA and am going to school, and working almost full time. I play Legend of the Five RIngs, Raw Deal, various White Wolf Games, D&D, and a bunch of random other games most people havent heard of or that havent been released yet. Anyway, just thought I would make the traditional intro post so as not to be a lurker. If anyone wants more information about me drop me a comment or hit me up on AIM.
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